NC Wetland Monitoring Work Group

Mission Statement:  To provide technical guidance and coordination for wetlands monitoring in North Carolina and the integration, sharing, and effective use of the resulting data.


  • To serve as a central technical organization for promoting wetlands monitoring in North Carolina.
  • To support efforts to catalog and inventory recent and current wetland monitoring activities in North Carolina
  • To evaluate the importance of monitoring wetland structure, characteristics and functions
  • To identify knowledge and data gaps in wetland monitoring data in North Carolina.
  • To develop and recommend a core data collection methodology for wetlands monitoring.
  • To help build a database of wetlands data for North Carolina and determine how to best use the data to protect and manage North Carolina wetlands.
  • To develop methods and protocols to ensure wetland monitoring and data collection remains sustainable in the future. 

North Carolina Long-term Wetland Monitoring Data

The North Carolina Department of Environment Quality (NC DEQ) and others have been monitoring wetlands in NC for over a decade, with much data collected on many wetland types, conditions, and physical and biological characteristics. North Carolina State University (NCSU) is continuing and expanding the work done by NC DEQ by monitoring the hydrology, water quality, soils, and biota at 16 long-term wetland monitoring sites.

Lead Researcher: Dr. Mike Burchall

PhD Student: Jack Kurki-Fox

Workgroup Meetings

October 6, 2015


  1. Welcome and Introductions - PPT; Recording
  2. Work Group Goals and Objectivies - PPT; Recording
  3. Discussion: Identify exisiting wetland monitoring data - PPT; Recording
  4. Discussion: Potential uses and needs for monitoring data - PPT; Recording

Map Viewer (Prototype launched November 2016)

Explore North Carolina's wetland monitoring stations.  Click here to access map viewer. 

User's Guide

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